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How an IFE System Equipped Airplane Benefits Both Private and Airline Passengers

What did you do while on your last flight? Although relaxation may be in the initial plan, it is not very often that individuals just relax without finding something – anything – to occupy their mind. We are so used … Read More

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10 Ways to Stay Entertained On a Flight

It is no secret that flying isn’t the most entertaining way to travel. And, depending on where you are traveling, you could spend hours in flight. That could mean a case of boredom and a lot of hours wasted – … Read More

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How to Give Your Passengers the Best In-Flight Entertainment Experience

One of the best ways to ensure your passenger will book another flight with you is to provide the best in-flight experience possible. This method will work for those who are not fans of flying (though perhaps your in-flight experience … Read More

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In-flight Wifi is Not What It Used to Be

Our world changes daily – especially when it comes to technology. In an industry, such as air travel, where there are so many choices for consumers, meeting demand is important. In-flight wifi and connectivity has evolved to do just that. … Read More

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Benefits of Flying First Class

Have you ever considered whether the cost of flying first class is worth it? The answer is a personal choice. However, there are many benefits to flying first class – which means the opportunity cost far outweighs the monetary cost. … Read More

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Flying Privately vs. First Class: What Is Better?

You have a choice about where you travel to and how you get there. If luxury is what you are looking for, then you may find yourself staring at a screen attempting to determine which is your best bet: flying … Read More

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Why Your Airplane Needs a portable IFE System

When was the last time you took a flight and could sit back, put your feet up, and watch the baseball game on the flat screen while remaining in touch with your office on the ground? You receive reports and … Read More

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5 Reasons to Book a Private Flight to Hawaii

Hawaii is full of salty air, hula skirts, exotic flowers, and beautiful blue beaches. It is a place that many people have always dreamed to visit, but probably never will. After all, it isn’t every day that you get the … Read More

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The Future of Seat-back In-flight Entertainment

Airline travel as your preferred transportation method can leave you with movement restrictions and limited capabilities while in flight. When it comes to more lengthy or international flights, you will need something to pass the time. Because of this, airlines … Read More

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Digital Trends in Airborne In-flight Entertainment Systems

In-flight entertainment systems has changed dramatically over the decades of commercial air travel. The year was 1921 when Aeromarine Airways screened the very first movie for its passengers. However, it took a long four decades before this became commonplace. It was not … Read More