How an IFE System Equipped Airplane Benefits Both Private and Airline Passengers

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What did you do while on your last flight? Although relaxation may be in the initial plan, it is not very often that individuals just relax without finding something – anything – to occupy their mind. We are so used to being stimulated in our day-to-day lives. We have cell phones, televisions, video games, emails, app notifications, etc. so that sitting idle without anything to focus our attention on can leave us bored, edgy, and even anxious. In other words, being connection is like an addiction. Thanks to trends such as an IFE airplane, we can now do all of these things during our flights.

Whether it is making the most of your time by using your flight catch up on work or simply the need to make time seem to pass by at a faster rate, having something to do while on a flight can be very satisfying. And, many of those “somethings” come to you thanks to in-flight entertainment (IFE).

An IFE airplane is becoming more popular, both for private and airline travel – and for good reason. Regardless of why you are traveling, IFE allows you to stay connected and entertained throughout the entire flight. An IFE airplane benefits all types of travelers, here’s why.


Bring your own device, or BYOD, is a fairly new buzzword among airlines. Just about every passenger has some sort of electronic device, including a cell phone, tablet, laptop, iPod or mp3 player, etc. Bringing these items with them means they can entertain themselves. Rather than relying on seat-back entertainment systems or in-flight movies, their IFE airplane keeps them entertained through their personal devices.

BYOD + inflight connectivity is a necessity for some and a growing demand for others.

An IFE airplane helps pass the time

Depending on where you are traveling, some flights can be rather lengthy. With a lot of time on your hands, you are probably looking for something to do. In-Flight Entertainment (or IFE)

An IFE Airplane Has Benefits for Private and Airline Passengers | AdonisOne

can help you pass the time. It can allow you to get wrapped up in something visual or audible while keeping your focus off your current situation.

It doesn’t matter if you are traveling via a private jet or a commercial airliner – the benefits of and IFE airplane are evident when it comes to both methods of travel. The only d


ifference is in how the IFE is used. For example, private travel offers more options. This includes allowing passengers to view entertainment on a big screen – or without headphones.

Business concluded

According to the Department of Transportation, approximately 405 Million individuals in the United States take business trips each year. Many of these professionals likely consider air travel time as a bit of downtime from work. However, there are many others who wish to make use of every spare moment – and this includes their time in the air.

In-flight connectivity allows for business professionals to utilize their devices to complete last-minute work, prepare for their upcoming meetings, catch up on email, do research, etc. Having the ability to stay connected to the office while in the air is one of the greatest benefits of an IFE airplane. And, for those who travel in business jets, there are even more perks. For example, the opportunity to talk via voice and video while in the air. This means that webinars, conference calls, and the like will not be missed due to travel schedules.


Pleasure seeking

Unlike business travelers, there are many people who travel for pleasure reasons. Whether on a family vacation, a trip to see loved ones, etc. these passengers are looking for entertainment. These individuals, too, will love to be carried away by their own electronic devices and make use of the in-flight entertainment. Sure, some may sleep, others may relax and converse with their seat buddies, but many will turn to a cell phone, a tablet, an e-reader, or a laptop.

An IFE airplane allows these personal travelers to spend time on social media, catch a movie, binge watch a new television series, or even research their destination. Listening to audiobooks or reading the latest novel on an e-reader are also options. What a fantastic way to start – or end – a personal trip!

Benefits of IFE | AdonisOne

Traveling with kids

As many people that smile and say sweet things to the parents of the child that boards a plane, there are others who cringe. Little do they know that the parents are also likely concerned about how the child will handle the flight – and if any passengers will be disturbed.

Years ago, this was more of a problem than today. Many kids now have access to tablets, cell phones, or other devices that will allow them to play games, watch movies, their favorite tv shows, etc. While it may not occupy the kids for the entire length of a flight, it will help for a good chunk of it. On private jets, kids may find themselves able to play video games on large LCD televisions. These don’t require an internet connection, which means they are constantly available throughout the flight.

This keeps anxious kids at bay and allows mom and dad time to soak up the IFE airplane, too!

VR and games

Virtual Reality is another one of the latest crazes. Engulfing your head with the screen, you can be transported to faraway places – both real and fantasy – and forget that you are on board an aircraft. Just as it is named, it takes you from your reality to a virtual land. Many use VR to play games, others may use them for simulation exercises. Some watch movies and still others just enjoy a different view. You can use VR on any IFE airplane. However, you will have the benefit of more flexibility to get physically engrossed in a game while on a private jet.

The availability of IFE also means that you can have access to various simulated games without the use of virtual reality. This is especially true on private jets. For example, using projection screens, you can engross yourself for the flight. You can have the ability to practice your golf game or even pretend like you are flying the jet!

Depending on who you are or where you are going, you will have your own preference of entertainment while traveling. You could just take a nap. Or, thanks to in-flight entertainment and connectivity ability, you can do so much more than you used to. Stay up to date on social media, stay in contact with loved ones, complete necessary work assignments, challenge a flight mate to an online game, or transport yourself to a faraway land (instead of a cramped commercial airliner) using virtual reality technology.