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AdonisOne ™ Portable IFE System

  • First Portable IFE System to market  US Patent NO. 10,193,945
  • No STC’s, No STC’s, No Certifications.
  • 100% Portable IFE System
  • True Carry-On PED 
  • Weighs 3Lbs or Less
  • Battery Lasts up to 12 hours 
  • Single IFE System for 20 to 500+ Passengers
  • Stream Movies, Music, Magazines, Ebooks to PED’s
  • Includes a built-in moving / flight map

Implementing AdonisOne ™ IFE Systems

AdonisOne Inflight Systems offers a range of portable IFE systems and 2D and 3D flight maps for the aviation industry that are designed to provide passengers with an exceptional inflight entertainment experience. Our portable IFE system, the AdonisOne In-flight Entertainment system, is classified as loose carry-on equipment by the FAA and can be easily stowed in overhead bins. This makes it an ideal solution for aircraft owners who want a flexible IFE system that doesn’t require any cabin installation costs or an STC.

Operators with mixed fleets can benefit from the AdonisOne portable IFE system, as it can be easily transferred to other aircraft without incurring any engineering costs or complexities. This eliminates the need for installed and maintained fitted equipment across different aircraft types.

At AdonisOne, we understand that passengers want an inflight entertainment experience that is engaging and immersive. Our portable IFE system is designed to provide just that, with HD on-demand content that can be customized to meet the needs of each individual operator. Whether you’re looking for movies, TV shows, or games, or just want to view the 3D flight map, the AdonisOne portable IFE system has something for everyone.

In summary, AdonisOne’s portable IFE system is an ideal solution for aircraft owners who want a flexible and cost-effective inflight entertainment system. With its classification as loose carry-on equipment by the FAA, ease of stowage, and ability to be transferred between aircraft types, the AdonisOne portable IFE system is a game-changer in the aviation industry.


The AdonisOne™ portable in-flight entertainment systems are being used by innovators and leaders and the list is growing fast

Some of AdonisOne happy Customers Bestfly, Titan Aviation Group, European Aviation Group, Comlux, Maleth-Aero, GainJet and Euronexus
Major movie studio DRM approved IFE software

Non-stop in-flight entertainment

In-flight entertainment systems by AdonisOne are equipped with a secure DRM streaming system for studio approved content delivery and  self loadable software systems for business aviation and commercial airlines up to 500 passengers.

We incorporate the latest DRM technologies to supply a broad spectrum of in-flight movies and TV shows along with our new moving map systems. From popular to classics to never-seen-before, we can deliver an eclectic mix of entertainment that will be appreciated by all.

Coming soon!! AdonisWebLite ™ Powered by

Iridium Satellite Communications

Adonisweblite in-flight entertainment social media and messaging system

Coming soon!! AdonisWebLite ™ Portable IFE Connectivity

Relish perpetual IFE connectivity. Now, your passengers will not miss a beat in engaging with their world.*

  • Social networking
  • Email
  • Texting
  • Weather
  • News
  • Crew dispatch

However your passengers choose to connect to the world below, AdonisWebLite gives them always-on connectivity.

* coming Q2 2022 requires a monthly subscription and additional hardware.

Icarus 3D Flight Maps

AdonisOne’s 2D flight maps and the new Icarus 3D flight Map is a revolutionary in-flight entertainment system that provides passengers with real-time flight path information and regularly updated point-of-interest content. With its intuitive interface and included satellite imagery, the Icarus 3D flight Map makes it easy for passengers to interact with the system and stay engaged throughout the flight.

Unlike other systems that require unsightly GPS antennas stuck on windows, our AdonisOne Moving flight map system utilizes state-of-the-art ADS-B out technology to accurately display tracking location and time estimates. This not only provides a better user experience, but also eliminates the need for costly and unsightly antenna installations.

At AdonisOne, we understand that passengers want an immersive and engaging inflight entertainment experience. That’s why our Icarus 3D flight Map system is designed to provide passengers with real-time data available from departure to destination, revealing flight path information and point-of-interest content.

In summary, the Icarus 3D flight Map system and the standard 2D flight maps from AdonisOne is a game-changing in-flight entertainment system that provides passengers with an intuitive and engaging experience. With its state-of-the-art ADS-B out technology and regularly updated content, the Icarus 3D flight Map system is a must-have for any aircraft looking to provide the ultimate inflight entertainment experience.

icarus 3d flight map adonisone in-flight systems
In-flight entertainment systems flexible financing options

Easy Financing!

  • Industry-leading Financing Options
  • 0% Offered In-house
  • Attractive lease terms from 18 – 36 months
  • Discounts for fleet operators and MRO’s
  • Crypto Currencies now excepted utilizing Cardano Smart Contracts