• Portable In-flight Entertainment System

    Stream Movies, Music and Magazines In flight

  • Laptops, Phones and Tablets

    Stream to any Mobile Device in flight with the AdonisOne™ IFE Systems

  • Moving Map System

    Our portable in-flight Entertainment System Include a Moving Map System

  • A1 Future Proof Technology®

    one system works for your entire fleet from a Kingair to a Boeing 747-400!

AdonisOne™ Portable in-flight entertainment system. The only IFE system that delivers media and a worldwide moving map system up to 500+ passengers using one device!

                                       Now with A1 Future Proof Technology! ®


Portable In-flight Entertainment System and Moving Map

The AdonisOne™ portable in-flight entertainment system delivers media and a worldwide moving map display directly to any smart personal device without the need for pre-installed apps or software. The content is delivered using our supplied in-cabin server and WiFi router built into an attractive all-in-one case. AdonisOne’s portable in-flight entertainment system offers the ability to stream up-to-date content and a real-time moving map system.

With the AdonisOnes proprietary  A1 Future Proof Technology ® one system is scalable upwards to accommodate up to 500+ passengers.

Key Benefits

  • A1 Future Proof Tech®
  • No STC required
  • No 337 required
  • Classified by the FAA as a TPED
  • Straightforward access for maintenance handling and repair
  • Cabin crew unburdened
  • The low initial investment for hardware
  • No certification required

Key Features

  • Passengers use their own devices
  • Minimal total system weight – 3 LB
  • Fast content loading processes via USB
  • Wireless content streaming of the highest standard

All of the AdonisOne portable in-flight entertainment systems include the following and can be customized to suit end users requirements.

  • Movies
  • Periodicals and Newspapers
  • Music
  • Custom Documents
  • Moving Map System
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Some of our Adonisone IFE Customers

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Air Charter Services PVT. LTD.
Comlux IFE customer
Comlux Group
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Gainjet Aviation S.A.
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Bestfly Aviation
“It is amazing! The AdonisOne in-flight entertainment system brought our B767 fleets IFE system into the 21st century!"
Gareth Evans Aeronexus
“We purchased 5 AdonisOne LX in-flight entertainment system for our charter op’s and our uplifts have increased 18 percent!"
Dirk Vandersterre Titan Aviation Group

Customize your in-flight entertainment system user interface

The proprietary AdonisOne Portable in-flight entertainment system software utilizes Paradigm Tech’s user interface that is completely customizable. The system has a secure admin system / CMS that allows for the following.

  • Import Movies
  • Import Music
  • Import Magazines
  • Import Newspapers
  • Import Custom Documents
  • Change Logo
  • Change Accent Colors
  • Add Custom Welcome Message
  • View System Analytical Data
  • Add an Intro Video
  • Push Custom Ads to Passengers
  • Add additional airports to the moving map system
Portable In Flight Entertainment System and Moving Map System | AdonisOne

Substantial Cost Savings

Save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the cost of Rockwell Collins, GEE, Gogo and FDS in-flight entertainment systems.

Real-Time Moving Map System

The AdonisOne Portable in-flight entertainment systems come with a fully functioning moving map system utilizing GPS and GLONASS constellations. The system allows for IACO codes, ETA, ETE, altitude, airspeed and more.