Business Overview

“Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it.”

Sir Henry Royce, co-founder of Rolls Royce

Paradigm Tech was formed to set a new example in aviation entertainment technology.

Co-founders Matt Franzak, a former aircraft fleet owner and operator, and Robert Valentine, an electronics engineer with experience in aviation, teamed up to solve a problem that was pressing Franzak: rising customer demand for entertainment delivered via WiFi in a marketplace that even today can only install the infrastructure of connectivity in an airplane at cost-prohibitive prices – sometimes as much as the cost of the planes themselves. 

Valentine – partnering with co-owner and software engineer Jason Spanaugle and his team of programmers – designed a user-friendly device that met every item on Franzak’s wish list, all in a single, self-contained and portable device that fits in a suitcase.

With the AdonisOne, a new paradigm was born, as Paradigm Tech solved a universal problem by inventing a new product category unavailable anywhere else in the aviation market.

Today, the executive team at Paradigm Tech is dedicated to hand-crafting first-class, highly functional products that tangibly enhance the in-flight experience for aircraft passengers, operators, and owners alike. Believing that the best can always be better, Franzak, Valentine and Spanaugle and the rest of the Paradigm Tech team continue to meet evolving market needs with smart design, elegant devices and perfect pricing to help our customers soar even in the most competitive markets and among the most discerning customers.