Benefits of Flying First Class

Handsome senior man sitting in an airplane with a smile and looking out the window enjoying In-flight Entertainment systems

Have you ever considered whether the cost of flying first class is worth it? The answer is a personal choice. However, there are many benefits to flying first class – which means the opportunity cost far outweighs the monetary cost. So, not only will enjoy your flight more, you will also be privy to things that those behind you may not.

In-Flight Entertainment

In-flight entertainment (IFE) is what the buzz is all about on airlines these days. This is a means of obtaining online connectivity while in flight and allows passengers to enjoy some entertainment. In fact, they can enjoy movies, streaming the hottest television series, catching up on work or emails, scrolling through endless pages of social media, playing games, or even enjoying the use of virtual reality. In the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) era, this is a common means of passing time.

Now, while many passengers may have access to this on an airline, for most it comes at a cost. Those flying first class generally get access to the in-flight connectivity service and the use of some equipment at no cost.

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More enjoyable seating

It is common knowledge that coach seating on airlines is highly undesirable. In fact, it is cramped, uncomfortable, and a bit stuffy. However, one of the greatest benefits of flying first class is the wider seat, additional legroom, and – depending on your airline – more privacy!

When you need to use your time wisely and get things done on your flight or if you are looking to take a siesta, you will appreciate this benefit that flying first class brings you.

Monetary Perks

Another perk that you will find with flying first class is financial savings. When flying coach, you will find that you need to purchase all the extras – checked-baggage fees, some drinks, meals, and sometimes even carry-ons! However, when you choose to fly first class, many times these extra items are included in your airline ticket! With airlines changing their ways more and more, it may be worth it to have everything bundled in your first-class ticket.

Depending on how valuable you view your time, you may consider a time savings a perk, as well. Those passengers holding first-class tickets are able to spend less time waiting to get both on and off the flight. In fact, they are usually the first passengers to enter the aircraft and the first ones to leave it. If you believe that time is money – this step up in ticketing could save you big time!

Less stress = a better mood after the flight

Flying can take a toll on the body – both physically and mentally. Think about it:

  • You have to pack and find your way to the airport.
  • You stand in line to check in.
  • You stand in line to get through any and all security checkpoints.
  • You walk the airport to find your gate.
  • Once at your gate, you wait – and hope that your flight is on time so that you aren’t waiting too long.
  • Once you board – and all the other passengers do, too – you can sit back and (hopefully) enjoy your flight.

This entire process can be draining. Even more so if you are traveling internationally or through different time zones. It can lead to jetlag and exhaustion. If you are cramped in a coach seat with hundreds of others, this process is even worse.

Flying first class can provide you with a better experience altogether – especially due to the perks above – leaving you in a better mood and more productive once you arrive at your destination. And because you are in first-class, you can rest up comfortably to avoid jetlag.

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Networking hot spot

Last, but not least, the individuals who frequently fly first-class tend to be looking for the same perks. They tend to be executives and professionals from all walks of life. The benefit? It is a networking hot spot. You never know who you will meet or who will be sitting next to. This presents you with the opportunity to meet people and engage in conversation that could lead to a positive connection – for business or personal reasons.

Although it does come with a price tag, flying first class comes with many benefits. If you look forward to having more comfortable seating, extras included in your ticket price, in-flight entertainment, a better –rested – mood once you arrive at your destination, and the chance to meet some interesting professionals, then you will want to upgrade your coach ticket before your next flight!