5 Reasons to Book a Private Flight to Hawaii

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Hawaii is full of salty air, hula skirts, exotic flowers, and beautiful blue beaches. It is a place that many people have always dreamed to visit, but probably never will. After all, it isn’t every day that you get the chance to take a private flight to Hawaii and experience this tropical paradise. So, when you finally make the decision to ride the wave down to the Hawaiian Islands, you don’t want to skimp on any detail.

Find the best location for your taste, choose the best hotel, and then book yourself on a private jet that will fly you there in the lap of extravagance. Still not convinced? Here are the top five reasons why you should book a private flight to Hawaii.

Pamper yourself.

Consider this – You are leaving for your island getaway and, once your foot steps onto that airplane, you are kissing your job and your daily responsibilities of adult life goodbye (well, for the time you are on vacation, anyway). You spent countless hours making sure everything was taken care of in advance so that you could enjoy yourself. So, why shouldn’t the vacation start as soon as you embark on your journey?

If you are of this wonderful mindset, then you should know that private jets offer a lot more in terms of pampering capabilities than a regular airliner does. And, yes, even more than you get with a first-class ticket. Ready to take the leap? Here are some ways to get pampered in the sky:

  • Enjoy a delicious meal – without having to cook.
  • Have a champagne toast to your new adventure.
  • Masseuse services. Leave your stress behind by relaxing with a massage of your choosing, a facial, or even both!
  • Catch up on your favorite TV shows, personal emails, movies, social media, etc. thanks to the availability of stellar in-flight entertainment services.

Work before play.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you always have loose ends that you can’t get to before a vacation. And, face it, no one wants to actually work while vacationing – especially when in the Hawaiian Islands. Using the flight time to get any last-minute work done or to meet any important deadlines can mean the difference between vacationing or working remotely.

It is possible to use the services of a commercial airliner to complete this task. Unfortunately, the internet connection (if even available) is typically spotty. And, if you need any space to work, the tray table is your only option. However, choosing the luxury option and traveling via a private flight can give you all the opportunity you need.

Private jets can give you access to some impressive in-flight connectivity. You will have plenty of room to spread out and work – and more freedom to do so. In addition, some private jets offer business services on their jets, keeping you connected to the ground and giving you everything you need to do a job well done.

Get the party started early.

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Private jets in the air can be equivalent to a party bus on the ground. You can get your vacation started early by kickin’ it off in the air. A private flight can provide the perfect pre-game showdown spot. With a comfortable cabin and room to roam, you can start your vacation off right. Don’t forget to order some small bites ahead of time!

And, finally, that in-flight entertainment comes in handy for a party jet. You can stream music and videos from your favorite artists. Or, prepare for your visit by checking out the sounds of the Hawaiian steel guitar.

Fly directly to your island.

Flying to Hawaii on a private jet isn’t just about the luxurious perks. Sometimes you just want to get there faster. If you are going to one of the Hawaiian Islands other than the island of Oahu (where you will find the busy Honolulu International Airport), you may want to consider choosing a private flight. These smaller jets can more easily travel to all the airports these islands have to offer – directly. Sure, airlines go to most of the airports on these islands, but many require you to connect in Honolulu before moving on. For example, if you are planning on enjoying your stay on Hawaiian island of Kauai, then you will need to travel to its only airport, located in Lihue. This airport takes commercial aircraft, but only limited. Most of the flights arriving and departing Kauai connect through Honolulu.

When you are ready to get your vacation started, why would you want to prolong it? Many individuals are not fond of the hassle that comes with connecting flights – which can even lead to missed flights, lost baggage, and big headaches.

It’s your Hawaiian vacation!

Splurge! This is what you have always wanted to do, right? When you think of flying to Hawaii, you don’t necessarily think of flying coach for hours with a ton of other tourists and then pinching pennies when you arrive. That would cheat you out of enjoying all that Hawaii has to offer and you don’t want to do that, right? What you have always dreamed about is having a relaxed flight to Hawaii, seeing all the sights (including volcanoes), relaxing in the sun and sipping on a cocktail in a coconut while listening to the waves crash, and maybe even take a surfing lesson or two.

You know the saying, “Go big or go home?” Well, that is how you should prepare for your vacation. Instead of the pastel floral print shirt, go for the bright and flashy floral shirt. Instead of allowing yourself four days on these islands, allow yourself eight. And, instead of flying a commercial airliner and waiting to connect to relaxing Kauai, Maui, Lanai, or any other island, book yourself on a private flight and treat yourself to a luxurious and memorable flight to a place that will go down in your scrapbook.