AdonisOne Line of Portable IFE and Moving Map Suites signs multiple system order with JetSuite X and releases XR+

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) April 20, 2016

Aircraft Membership and Shuttle specialist JetSuiteX has signed a 10-system deal for Paradigm Technology’s new AdonisOne portable in-flight entertainment system for business aircraft. The low-cost, portable system also includes the ICARUS real time moving map. The portable IFE’s will be on board all of JetSuite’s Embraer 135 aircraft working in concert with the airborne internet connectivity.

With a retail price of $15,000, the AdonisOne LX comes with the ability to load movies, magazines, music albums, company commercials, advertisements and features a stand alone moving map. The systems are also available with a wireless cockpit view camera, crew/passenger chat function and non-intrusive advertising functions. Buyers can also customize the content with passenger briefing cards and other documents such as catering menus and crew profiles.

Up to 20 users can access the content on the AdonisOne via the unit’s built-in Wi-Fi signal. Any smart device can connect to AdonisOne, which is controlled via an HTML 5 web user interface, and passengers can change destination information for the moving map using their devices. The user interface can be custom branded by the owner of the AdonisOne unit. A lithium-ion battery provides up to 8 hours of viewing time and 15 hours of standby time.

The AdonisOne line of products was released at the annual NBAA convention. The Adonis One model LX offers streaming access for up to 20 users independently and simultaneously. The XR model was also released at NBAA Las Vegas, it provides access for up to 60 passengers along with the XR+ which will stream to 100+ users in applications with high density seating or charter airlines. Aeronexus, a charter airline that operates a 767-300ER based in the United Kingdom, has signed an order for a single Adonis One XR+ that will accommodate their 100 seat, First Class configured luxury cabin.

The AdonisOne LX only weighs 2.9 pounds and operate off the battery power or a 12-to-28 VDC input or 100-to-240 VAC. With a compact size of 7.75” x 6.25” x 2.25” the AdonisOne is portable and can be carried from one aircraft to aircraft as “loose equipment” so there is no STC or certification required.

“If you have more than one airplane in your operation, now you’ve got a real entertainment system that gives you a lot of Bang For Your Buck, it’s portable between aircraft and requires no installation certification,” said Matt Franzak, Owner of Paradigm Tech, LLC.

The Adonis One line of IFEs launched at the annual NBAA Convention in Las Vegas last year and are currently available for purchase. There will be five versions (ICARUS, LT, LX, XR and XR+) suitable for smaller general aviation aircraft, Business Jets and Airliners. All of the systems will be portable and the lowest priced IFEs in the marketplace today. This is truly revolutionary technology for the aviation marketplace.

About Paradigm Tech, LLC
Paradigm Tech, LLC is a leading manufacturer of innovative In Flight Entertainment systems. Offering a line of Portable IFE and Moving Map Solutions. Markets served include Business, Airline (regional / commercial), Helicopter, OEM and Marine. To learn more about Paradigm Tech, LLC and the line of Adonis One systems, visit

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