IFE System: How it Works

Why you need our IFE system.

How Our IFE System Works

Our premium IFE system is quick to set up and easy to use. Simply take AdonisOne™ out of its case and place it anywhere in the aircraft. Press one button to power on the IFE system. Within 30 seconds you’ll see a AdonisOne WiFi signal on your personal device. Connect to the WiFi signal and enjoy the AdonisOne inflight entertainment experience!


In your new aircraft, the AdonisOne IFE system streams the following high definition options to your personal device:

– Worldwide Moving Map for up-to the minute tracking of your flight
– Movies
– Music
– Magazines
– Newspapers
– User Files (Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint presentations or equivalent)
– Advertising or Brand Representation (push advertisements to your clients)


Compatible with any smart personal device! It makes no difference if you are an Apple or Android fan, the AdonisOne IFE system does not discriminate and also does not require investment in an app or special software on your mobile device.

– Upgrade your IFE aircraft with state-of-the-art technology without down time and exorbitant costs.

– Financing available.

-Maintenance Plans available which eliminate, the need to have your current IFE systems and moving maps repaired or updated and / or replaced. The plan will keep you up to date for the duration of your specific maintenance agreement, with NEW equipment periodically.


AdonisOne is small enough to carry in a backpack and comes with a rugged carrying case that will withstand rain, sand, dust and rough use.

Our mobile IFE systems:

– can be easily stowed in its rock solid carrying case, an onboard storage cabinet, in the cockpit or even the baggage compartment.

– offers significant fuel savings! AdonisOne weighs a total of 3 lbs — our competitors systems weigh up to 200 pounds!

– has many other uses, including marine, remote locations or over the road.


The first of its kind, AdonisOne provides a truly unique inflight entertainment experience that is supercharged with a worldwide moving map! AdonisOne allows for the ability to transfer to different aircraft in seconds. This innovative, modern IFE system replaces dated VCR / DVD players, clunky monitors, the 80’s Airshow (or equivalent moving map) and the 200 pounds of avionics it takes to run those older IFE systems and moving map solutions.