AdonisOne™ portable in-flight entertainment system is being used by innovators and leaders and the list is growing fast

All in One Device

AdonisOne™ Portable in-flight entertainment system. The only IFE system that delivers media and a worldwide moving map system up to 500+ passengers using one device!

Movies Music & Entertainment

DRM Content

Magazines, News & Weather

Interactive Moving Map

Messaging Hub

Non-stop entertainment

AdonisOne IFE  Systems are equipped with IdeaNova’s Inplay secure  DRM, streaming for studio approved content delivery. 

We present the latest DRM technologies that supply a broad spectrum of movies and TV shows. From popular to favorites to never-seen-before, we bring in an eclectic mix of entertainment content that will be appreciated by all.

                                                                           AdonisOne In-flight Entertainment Systems   

IdeaNova Technologies Innovates for a Better Passenger Experience

The New Inplay IFE Portal is a result of the collaboration of various technologies with one single goal to improve passengers experience, on and off the aircraft, throughout the entire journey.

Entertainment choices galore

There is no dearth of activities for passengers to indulge in and be occupied.Play with choices galore!

  • Relax by listening to the best of music.
  • Enjoy our spectacular games.
  • Get immersed in a wide range of magazines. 



      AdonisWebLite ™  Powered by 

Iridium Satellite Communications

AdonisWebLite ™

Relish perpetual connectivity. Now, your passengers will not miss a beat in engaging with their world.

  • Social networking.
  • Email. Texting.
  • Weather.
  • News. 

We ensure that their links to key activities remain in the hands of passengers

Moving Maps

Charm your commuters with real-time data from departure to destination. Our Interactive maps reveal flight path information with point-of-interest content. On offer is a dazzling device with touch gesture support to navigate the satellite imagery


Easy Financing!

  • Big Savings Over Products that Offer far Less
  • 0% In-house Financing
  • Attractive lease terms from 18 – 36 months
  • Superb Value for Money
  • Huge discounts for fleet operators and MRO’s