Benefits of Airplane Entertainment Streaming Services

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At any given time, the average working-age individual in the United States likely has a cell phone, a laptop (or another computer), and even a tablet nearby. IFE Connectivity is a vital part of almost everything we do – both for business and for pleasure purposes. Because of this need, entertainment streaming services and capabilities are becoming more common and more affordable than ever.

Commercial airlines are recognizing the benefit of ridding themselves of the bulky seat-back entertainment and adding IFE entertainment streaming services for passengers with their own devices. Private airplanes are also recognizing that this is the direction technology in the airline industry is headed. Connectivity is becoming almost an expectation of passengers.

Here, we explore the benefits of adding in-flight streaming services to both commercial, and private jets.

Provides IFE entertainment

Due to constant stimulation from emails, texts, phone calls, social media notifications, etc., we have a tough time sitting still for prolonged periods of time. Having IFE entertainment streaming services inflight means that we can be entertained at all times – which is especially important on long flights.

Streaming in-flight entertainment will allow passengers to watch movies, catch up on tv shows, follow social media, check email, play online games, and perhaps the most important for some – never miss the big game because you are in the air.

Everyone has their own PED device

As we discussed, just about everyone has his or her own PED device, which is even more reinforced by the millennials. So, the need for excess equipment has diminished. This benefits private airplanes, especially, since they will no longer have to purchase expensive equipment to please passengers. In addition, these bundles are usually bulky and heavy and, when you are referring to the weight on a private airplane, those 7-pounds become more important. Get rid of them! Instead of having multiple bulky systems, your airplane can have just one single IFE system that weighs only 3 pounds and provides entertainment to the whole airplane!

Benefits of Entertainment Streaming Services on Airplanes | AdonisOne

Work that can’t wait

Many people who utilize the services of a private airplane are intertwined deeply in the business world. Whether they need to fly great distances or short ones, work cannot always stop while in-flight. Streaming capability makes this a bonus for these corporate travelers.

When booking their travel, they are faced with a choice – they may either book a commercial airline flight or a private flight. And, sometimes, it’s the available work space and perks that can make the difference. Here are some considerations they may take:

  • On commercial flights, the privacy factor diminishes. There is no such thing as true privacy on these flights. Although some airlines are trying to provide more private seating in first class, this is mostly for the sake of not seeing your neighbor – hearing is a different story.
  • Private airlines take the privacy factor for business dealings to a whole new level. Unless it’s a shared charter flight, there will only be those on the flight that you invite. You are in charge of your own privacy.
  • Commercial airlines often offer in-flight connectivity that is available to most passengers. Many of these airlines charge a fee. And, most times, the service you get for your money is far from worth it. Perhaps it is useful for an emergency while in the sky, but not for handling any bona fide business.
  • Private airlines allow for much more convenient and accessible connectivity ability. There is no need to share this service with hundreds of others on the same flight, meaning that the streaming happens at a much more acceptable rate.

When it is all said and done, corporate travelers wanting an office in the sky, are most generally going to lean toward private airlines for their privacy and entertainment streaming services.

Provide more luxury

These same corporate travelers also tend to look for luxury – and they will find that on a private airline. It could be that they want to impress a client or potential client. Or perhaps they want to make a statement to a competitor. Then again, maybe they just want to have a nice flight. Either way, luxury wins.

Thanks to great in-flight entertainment streaming services, private airlines are now able to install large screen LCD televisions and the like. This can make a flight on the airplane seem more like watching Monday night football or the latest binge show on Netflix in your own living room. And, the ability to have these tv’s is a sure benefit of streaming.

Control at your finger tips

In-flight streaming keeps you connected to your own devices. With innovative technology, you are now able to have control at your fingertips. This type of system allows you to:

  • control conditions in the cabin
  • view flight details
  • access trackable flight maps

This is only possible due to the IFE entertainment streaming services and capabilities that are available on private airlines.

The rundown

There are many benefits when it comes to streaming on airlines IFE systems.

  • Being disconnected makes many people feel discontent and out of touch. Allowing your passengers to use their own PED personal device to connect to the internet can create feelings of peace and calm.
  • The cost of weight can add up when it comes to what airplanes can handle. When you use bulky, older in-flight entertainment equipment, it takes weight away from what else you could be using it for.
  • Privacy is not available on commercial airliners. If you have a conversation that needs to take place, a personal email to type, or some confidential business pleadings, you will have to wait until you are back on the ground before handling this business.
  • Private airplanes can offer all the perks a corporate traveler needs – including privacy. Some private planes even have a built-in workspace. Fire up that in-flight streaming capability and you have an office in the sky!
  • With the ability to stream on the big screen, passengers may even host meetings and training while in-flight.
  • Who doesn’t like to be in control? As technology advances, so will our ability to have things as we want them. Aircraft IFE streaming will make this possible.

The cost of IFE streaming a solid connection on private airplanes may seem costly – initially. The benefit that is provided to all passengers, whether for pleasure or business, will be the greatest – as it leads to return customers.