6 Myths About Traveling in Business Jets

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Business Jets are viewed as a sign of wealth and luxury. Being able to fly between cities without having to contact a commercial airline seems inaccessible to many. Perhaps this is why they have been the subject of so many myths – they are unsafe, turbulent, are about as comfortable as a commercial airline, and travel too fast is just a few.

You never want to believe everything you hear. Below we will debunk these myths and give you the truth about traveling in private jets.

Myth #1: Business Jets travel faster than commercial airliners.

Truth be told, business jets and commercial airliners travel at approximately the same speed. Just because they are smaller doesn’t mean they are necessarily capable of traveling at faster speeds. However, this rumor may have started because it is likely that flying from point A to point B on both a private jet and a commercial airliner will result in the jet arriving first.

So, if it doesn’t travel faster, how is this possible?

Think about it – your actual commercial flight may only last two hours. However, you must arrive at the airport at least an hour beforehand to check in, check your bags, and make it through the TSA security checkpoints. This, in turn, makes your flight time last at least three hours or more!

On a business jet, however, you can skip these steps. First, you can pull right up to the jet. There is no formal check in or checked baggage line. And – security checkpoints? Nonexistent. Private jets will require a photo ID, but there is no line for that! In addition, private jets can take more direct flight patterns between destinations since they are not required to follow paths set by the airline. This can also shorten flight time.

Myth #2: It is less safe to travel in smaller, private jets.

Those who have fears of flying may fall victim to believing this myth. Luckily, however, it is not true! The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) sets the rules, guidelines, and standards for all airliners. This most definitely includes business jets. Just as commercial airlines must follow specific safety checks, so must private jets.

In addition, consider this: Individuals or companies own most jets. These people board their jets often and, of course, they want to be safe. Therefore, rest assured that they will make sure the jet is up to date with its safety checks and maintenance records.

Myth #3: The comfort level is the same as a first-class ticket on a commercial airliner.

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Whoever believes this myth is sorely mistaken. Commercial airlines are designed for maximum profit, not necessarily maximum comfort. The more seats they can fit and sell, the better. However, on business jets, that is not the case.

The luxury seating provides a place to relax, converse with other passengers – face to face, a comfortable place to catch up on sleep, etc. There is no requirement for knees to be pressed against the seat in front of you or for you to be close enough to a stranger to smell his or her laundry detergent on a crowded flight.

Sure, the same rules apply for takeoff and landing – you must be seated with your seatbelt securely fastened. But, once in the air, the comfort level of a jet most definitely soars high above that of any commercial airliner.

Myth #4: Trips are too expensive for most people.

Private and business jets, of course, are going to be a bit costlier than your average airplane ticket. After all, you can go from one location to another, just as a commercial airliner, but in a more luxurious – and less crowded – setting. However, if split between multiple individuals on a flight or if flying a short distance, you will find the cost isn’t too much more, if at all, than a commercial first-class ticket!

Something else to consider is the opportunity cost. Time is money! Depending on the worth of your time and how much money you could lose by being out of commission in a TSA security checkpoint line or waiting at a gate for your plane’s arrival, you could save money if you take a private jet. As previously discussed, it can get you to where you are going in a faster time than dealing with all the hoops and hurdles found in an airport terminal! Plus, business jets have access to smaller airports that may allow you to land closer to your destination.

Myth #5: Business jets don’t offer the same in-flight entertainment as commercial airliners.

It is true – private jets don’t offer the same in-flight entertainment as commercial airliners. Business jets offer a better in-flight entertainment experience! You can connect your own personal devices to Wi-Fi. In addition, these jets often offer music, movies, newspapers or other periodicals, books, etc. Interactive maps are also available on many private jets.

In addition to these, you will be able to access documents needed for work, such as spreadsheets, slideshow presentations, and other applications. In fact, you may even be able to show this info on a projector screen – allowing you to handle business while in the air. Talk about making the most of your time!

Myth #6: They provide a loud and rough ride.

It is a common misconception that because private jets are so small, they don’t handle the wind and other turbulence as well as larger, commercial airliners. The truth, in fact, is that they may create a rougher ride if traveling through a storm, but thanks to their size, they are easier to maneuver around potential storms or other causes of great turbulence. These planes take off and climb faster than larger aircraft. Furthermore, they are quiet – very quiet. There is no loud roaring of an engine that causes you to have to yell to the person sitting next to you.

Business jets are often an icon of the rich and famous. But, believe it or not, they are more accessible today than ever before. Don’t be fooled by the myths!