5 Reasons To Splurge On International Luxury Travel

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Travel is addicting. Travel is life-changing. International travel expands the mind and feeds the soul.  As borders open wider and remote destinations feel closer than ever, international luxury travel is becoming even more widespread.

In 2017 airlines are reaching more of the planet than ever before. This is an exciting new time for jet travel, as it is easier than ever to hop on a flight and arrive in some far-reaching spot in a matter of hours. Whereas travel to far-flung destinations used to require days, weeks, or even months of arduous travel, today it is simply a matter of booking your ticket and taking to the skies.

This year, as you feed your travel urge, why not consider traveling internationally in luxury? Private jet charters and the elite airlines business class suites are still a splurge, but becoming more and more accessible to all.

Here are 5 great reasons for international luxury travel.

Savor a private game reserve in Tanzania

Tanzania has been endlessly acclaimed as one of the best spots on earth to view wildlife in all of their natural glory. There is a vast array of options available for those going on holiday ranging from self-driving safaris to group tours that include wildlife drives. But why not arrange something a little more awesome.

The wildlife of Africa is certainly outstanding enough on it’s own, however when you stay at the Singita Serengeti House villa, life gets even sweeter.  Sitting on 350,000 acres, the Singita Grumeti game reserve offers stunning scenery and the ultimate in wildlife viewing.

The villa itself features four suites, a lap pool, and private chef. Activities include safari drives, of course, but also horseback riding, mountain biking and archery. For wildlife enthusiasts looking to experience the adventure and majesty of nature, all while enjoying the luxury of private accommodations at the end of each glorious day.

Travel in style in a suite

International luxury travel has never before reached the zenith that it offers today. Airlines make great pains to spoil their top buyers and the attraction of ever fancier first class options grows daily.

Etihad Airlines leads the pack featuring no less than a 3-room penthouse suite on their A380’s. Singapore Airlines has over 1000 in-flight entertainment options and an amenity kit from Ferragamo, while Emirates is a favorite for it’s privacy, on-board showers, and Dom Perrignon with breakfast.

Qantas features a champagne bar with gold chandeliers and Cathay Pacific offers massage chairs. Any one of these fantastic airlines will deposit you at your destination rested, refreshed, and ready to take on the world.

Flying over glaciers in New Zealand

New Zealand is the original adventure capital of the world. The long flight to this island nation is well worth the effort for the breathtaking scenery, the world-class food and wine, and the friendly locals. And don’t forget about the penguins!

In between sky diving, skiing, or enjoying a road trip around this small country you may begin to channel your inner Indiana Jones or adventurer of old, but it is nice to know that luxury surrounds you. For the extreme version of adventure and luxury combined make your way to the head of all things exciting, Queenstown.

Few places exist that are more dramatic than the glaciers of the south island, and by few days more fascinating that a private helicopter flight that includes Stewart Island. Upon arrival enjoy hiking, kayaking and trailing the nation’s symbol, the flightless kiwi birds.

Sail in luxury through the vineyards of France

River cruising is hot, and few experiences match chartering a private barge for a slow sail through the waterways of Provence. The Rhone River bends and sways through enchanting villages and between stunning landscapes.

You and your guests will spend days sipping champagne while watching the vineyards slip by. Tours of the country’s famous wine chateaux and bike trips into quaint villages cause the days to fly by. Time can be spent lounging on the sun deck or enjoying a drink in the piano bar.

Evenings are spent enjoying 5-star al fresco dining before indulging in a soak in the outdoor jacuzzi under the stars. What could make for a better holiday with friends than to cruise in such comfort.

Check out South America in 72 days

The very ultimate in international luxury travel may just be the master suite for 72 days. Beginning and ending in Miami, the Caribbean and the best of South America are included during the trip and each exotic destination comes with it’s own charm.

The Seven Seas Mariner is the world’s first all-suite cruise ship. Advertised as a luxury liner, the 700 guests observe only the most luxurious surroundings. The bar offers 180-degree views of the sea and the four first-class dining options offer up exquisite food in a beautiful setting.

Multiple lounges and entertainment options abound while on board and the 350 deluxe suites offer up every amenity imaginable. This cruise is the very epitome of traveling in style.

Travel can be arduous with security lines and long waits at airports tiring. Perhaps now is the time to try out the luxurious side of travel for a change.

Why not make this year the year to splurge on all-out luxury? With luxury travel becoming an option for more people, it opens up more opportunities to fly first-class with in-flight entertainment and relaxation. Charter a private jet or barge through Provence. African safari’s are on most bucket lists. Why not take the plunge and indulge in booking a private villa right in the heart of the action? Isn’t it time to make the leap to truly embrace all of the excitement and adventure the world has to offer?

2017 is a wonderful time to take advantage of all of the options available to you. This is the year to experience international luxury travel. The year to fly first class, fly high over the mountains of New Zealand in search of penguins, or sail the Latin America in style. You won’t regret it.