Understanding The Latest Travel Trend: Bleisure

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Countless hours are worked – either at the office or networking at social events. Time and dedication is required when you are trying to build your career. If you are lucky, you really enjoy what you do and it doesn’t feel too much like work. Regardless of whether you like your job, however, you need to take time away. It is important for you, both mentally and physically – this is where the newest travel trend of bleisure comes in.

According to an article by Inc., the more you work, the more exhausted you become. This makes even the simplest of tasks more difficult. What does that mean for your business? Your productivity will start taking a downturn as your efficiency and effectiveness wave goodbye.

For many people, taking the traditional one- or two-week family vacation to drive cross-country to take photos next to the biggest ball of twine is not exactly feasible – or desired. In addition, vacations to faraway places can be pricey and, again, are not practicable.

Here is the good news: bleisure. This is a new travel trend that will let you focus on your career and tend to business while also sneaking in some rest and relaxation.

Thank the millennials for bleisure

You may want to thank the millennials you know for this new idea of combining business and leisure (yes, that is how you get bleisure). Working to keep up with the Jones’ and their material possessions is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Millennials in the workforce are more focused on experiences, thrills, and living out bucket lists. In fact, because they are a bit more conscientious when it comes to finances, they are more likely to find value in spending their money on new encounters rather than on material items.

Maybe it is because they are willing to take a step further and seek out new opportunities. Maybe they spend an ample amount of time on social media and been enticed by pictures and posts of the fun experiences they could be enjoying all around the world. Or, maybe they are just evolving our society into appreciating making memories, rather than draining bank accounts on new “things” expensive trips to theme parks. Maybe it is a little bit of all of them!

Whatever the reason behind it is, the millennials deserve an applause.

Business or pleasure? Both!

Bleisure: Understanding the Latest Travel Trend | AdonisOne

Are you here on business or pleasure? How many times have you had to answer that question? It is very common when traveling. The idea behind bleisure is not having to pick only one answer. Instead, this travel trend combines business and pleasure.

You may be wondering just how it works – how can you work and relax at the same time? Well, for starters, it will take some planning and research. Then, as soon as you calendar your upcoming business travel dates, get to work on these:

  • You absolutely cannot add on some successful leisure time if you aren’t prepared. Once you have a general timeline for your business dealings, add on a few additional days to the trip. You may calendar these days whenever you see fit, but placing them at the end of the trip seems to guarantee a greater chance for relaxation since the work is all done! For example, if you are traveling to Belgium to seal a business deal on Tuesday and Wednesday, why not schedule yourself out of the office on Thursday and Friday, too? You can use this long weekend to explore Belgium’s many cobblestone roadways and delectable cuisine.
  • Vacations aren’t as fun alone. Bring a friend, a relative, a neighbor, anyone – just bring someone with you! Of course, they will most likely need to fend for themselves for a day or two while you take care of the business end, but the leisurely exploring that follows will be worth the wait!
  • Plan, plan, and plan. Learn about the area. Discover what you would like to see, where you would like to go, etc. and then allow yourself to get completely immersed in the culture – it is the best way to create lasting memories and have some unimaginable experiences. All in all, planning allows you to make the most of your fleeting time.

Vacation time is no longer needed

For many years, companies have prided themselves (or hung their heads) on their benefits – including any allotted vacation days. However, it is becoming more common for companies to forego formal vacation time and become more lenient with their business travel arrangements. Most understand the importance of time off and, with long-distance travel sometimes leaving employees jet-lagged and exhausted, have begun allowing employees to take a couple extra days to make that exhaustion worthwhile.

Some companies are offering this travel trend as part of their compensation package – and many fish are biting! There even companies who may send you on business jets!

There’s an app for that!

Nearly everything has an online presence – people, places, and things. Social media is a great resource for various destinations to promote themselves. In addition, our friends, family, and colleagues post pictures of all sorts of experiences across the globe. These sights ignite our desire to have the same. It is enticing!

In addition to sparking interest, the online world also makes it easier to discover things about a city or culture. This aids us in planning and scheduling an itinerary for our leisure time. Many helpful apps assist us in making reservations, scheduling, etc. Some sites (and apps) such as Yelp! or TripAdvisor can offer you reviews of just about anywhere and show you how to make the most – and the best – of your time!

Everybody wins!

Bleisure is a win-win for everyone. For example, employees get deserved time off and save a bit of money, too. Companies have refreshed employees and a job well done. Hotels book longer stays, tourist areas and cities profit from sightseeing, dining, entertainment, or other visitor engagements. What’s not to like?

Hard working employees and career-ladder climbers rarely take much-needed time for themselves. However, our evolving society has started placing more focus on personal growth, healing, cultural experiences, and solid memories.  Bleisure has a hand in that.