5 Reasons For Traveling In a Private Jet

5 Reasons For Traveling In a Private Jet | AdonisOne

The world of private aviation is traditionally thought to be only for the rich and famous or business travelers. However, more and more passengers are appreciating private jet travel for the convenience and time savings it offers.

Billions of passengers travel the globe yearly with around two million flying every single day, the world is feeling ever smaller. With the numbers of business and holiday travelers nearly even, it is important for private and commercial aviation to cater to both segments of the flying populace.

There are many advantages of flying privately, such as flexibility, time savings, and exuberance. As these pros become more common in the general public, more and more people will turn to jet charters to fly to their locations.

Here are a few of the top reasons to travel to in a private jet.

Business travel to major cities

Often, it is all about New York. As one of the major business and commercial hubs of the world, New York City has remained one of the spots for those flying private for many years. The headquarters for a great number of companies, New York is a top destination for business travel executives who travel constantly and realize that time is money.

As a sister city of sorts, Los Angeles leads the West Coast as a business hub. Flights to and from this city are looking for convenience and comfort as they head for their relevant meetings. Today, almost all private jets have inflight connectivity and entertainment that allow business travelers to work during their flight. They no longer have to make up for their lost time in-flight. By using private aviation, business executives are readily aware of the time saved by being able to have privacy to conduct business while in route to their destination.

Allows for flexibility

While business and holiday travelers can appreciate the time savings when using private aviation to large metropolis’s, nowhere is the importance of this mode of transport more relevant than when flying to more remote locations. Corporations do have satellite offices, field offices, and rural job sites that require attention. By using private jets representatives are readily able to avail themselves to what is, perhaps, the most important element; flexibility.

Private aviation travelers have the ability to choose from a variety of smaller, regional airports. This allows business travelers to save money on the cost of a commercial flight and the cost of a rental car. With savings in the form of both time and money, business dealings are enhanced and the employee’s professional life is made that much easier.

Working internationally

The glory days of international travel have become a thing of legend. Comfortable, open schemed seating with rotating seats to speak to those beside you a thing of the past. As security concerns increase and logistics become all the more challenging, more and more business executives are choosing private aviation options for international flights as well.

When a number of co-workers are able to fly privately they experience the ultimate in privacy. They also get one-on-one quality time to deal with the work at hand. Productive meetings are able to be dealt during long international flights rather than having to wait to arrive at their destination. Tokyo, Beijing, London, Paris. All of these destinations are merely a comfortable boardroom in the sky away.

Vacation and holiday

Everyone needs a holiday. While business travel still rules the roost for utilizing private jets, the holidaymakers are coming on strong. Aviation companies are focusing more and more on the occasional vacation traveler along with catering to the business world. For travelers using private jets for their holiday, they can actually feel like they are on holiday even on the airplane.

The major complaints of all travelers who fly commercially are the excessive security lines, the strict carry-on luggage restrictions, and general inconvenience and waste of time experienced. With more and more jet companies catering to destinations such as Hawaii, Florida, and the Caribbean all of these cares and concerns wash away. Even more exotic locations like the South of France and the South Pacific are also drawing travelers looking for a memorable holiday.

Event travelers

One rapidly growing segment of the private aviation sector is that of major events. The Superbowl, the Kentucky Derby, Mardi Gras. All of these events draw millions of spectators, and more than their fair share of private jet travelers. During major events, commercial flights become even more crowded, disruptive, and uncomfortable.

Huge events can be exhausting in their own right. Why arrive already tired from the chaos of airports and commercial flights. The NBA Finals, US Open Golf Tournament, or Heavyweight title match are all big draws with travelers flying in from all around the world. Businesses and private individuals alike will likely continue to expand the market in coming years. Private aviation companies will do well to focus on catering to event travelers for the future.

Whether clients are flying for business or pleasure, the ease, comfort, flexibility and privacy of private jet charter can provide an invaluable resource. By allowing passengers to choose smaller airports, rather than commercial airline hubs, they open up more flexibility.

Private aviation doesn’t require the same tedious security and check-in chaos at airports. Another benefit is the lack of luggage restrictions allow for ease in packing.

Finally, the comfort and privacy of flying by private jet allows passengers to arrive at their destination relaxed and refreshed, rather than exhausted and harried, all well worth the price of the ticket. As private aviation companies continue to improve and expand their reach, flying by private jet charter will become more and more a feature for everyone.